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Welcome to S.A.V.ELECTRONICS & ASSEMBLIES. We take great pleasure in introducing our dedicated team to your esteemed organization. As a privately owned and operated cable and wire harness manufacturer, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer service, utilizing cutting-edge equipment, and maintaining competitive pricing.

Our approach revolves around a close collaboration with your team to fully comprehend your application and design requirements. This partnership ensures the creation of cable and wire harness assemblies that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

At S.A.V.ELECTRONICS & ASSEMBLIES, we commit to providing superior service and unwavering cooperation, ensuring excellence at every stage and in every interaction. Thank you for considering us. Count on our commitment to delivering the very best services and support, anytime and anywhere.


We prioritize crafting top-quality harness assemblies by closely collaborating with our clients to understand their unique specifications. Our customer service begins with each inquiry, ensuring swift and effective responses, nurturing strong client relationships.


At S.A.V electromics, we utilize electronic continuity testers to thoroughly assess cable and wire harness assemblies. By testing every single product in your order, we guarantee they meet your expectations, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with your specifications.


The dip soldering process is for electrical, electronic components and assemblies where the solder tags or pins are immersed in a solder flux and subsequently dipped in the liquid solder. Damage to the components or assemblies is prevented by protection against splashes by a screen.


We do injection moulding plastic components parts related to wire harness and other related products.. we use quality raw materials for the Manufacturing process. Every component are individually checked before final packing.


Soldering uses a molten alloy to create electrical connections on a PCB. The alloy’s composition affects the PCB’s strength, melting temperature, and soldering fumes. Soldering materials vary by core material, metallic constituents, and flux type.


A wire is a materialistic strand that conducts electricity. For example, aluminum and copper. A cable has a group of wires that run together. They are usually bonded or braided together which is why they appear like bunches or intertwined wires.

A wire harness is a group of cables or wires that employs inexpensive components to keep the parts connected neatly and effectively. The interior wires and cables of a wire harness are often covered with a thermoplastic-like sheath material for protection. However, the majority of the time these components come with their own personal protective sheathing, which eliminates the need for further protective measures.

Geometric constraints and electrical needs are the two basic challenges that a wiring harness addresses in an electrical system. There are several uses for wire harnesses in electrical wiring for both business and residential buildings and airplane engines.

Cable assembly is a group of cables or wires that are covered by an intensive exterior product. They are usually made of heavy materials. Their functionality is similar to wire harnesses, including keeping cables and wires in place. But they are designed for entirely different environments. They are specially designed for certain environmental factors which include the size of the area where it’s being used and also the environmental situations it might have to encounter. And so cable assemblies are available in numerous sizes and shapes and are made to shield the internal wires and cables from friction, moisture, heat, compression, abrasion, and other problems.

So the difference between wire harnesses and cable assemblies is that they are used in different environments. Wire harness provides a cost-efficient solution for keeping the wires organized whereas the cable assemblies keep all the products secure in extreme environments as well.

Benefits of Cable Harness Assembly

There are several benefits of using cable harness assemblies, including:

Improved reliability

Cable harness assemblies are designed to provide a reliable and consistent electrical connection between components, which helps to reduce the risk of failure due to loss or damaged connections.


By using a pre-assembled cable harness, you can save time during the installation process, as you don’t have to spend time connecting individual wires and components.


Cable harness assemblies can be manufactured in bulk, which helps to reduce the cost of production. They also help to reduce the cost of maintenance and repair, as they are less likely to fail and require replacement.

Simplified design

With a cable harness assembly, you can simplify the design of your electrical system, as you can use a single cable harness to connect multiple components. This can help to reduce the complexity of the system and make it easier to troubleshoot and maintain.

Improved safety

Cable harness assemblies are designed to meet strict safety standards, which helps to reduce the risk of electrical fires and other hazards. They are also designed to be durable and resistant to damage, which helps to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Highly competent workforce

Highly competent workforce
Consistently meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations for product Identity, quality, safety and efficiency

Durable, cost effective and innovative products

Durable, cost effective and innovative products
Implementing an effective feedback system from both the internal as well as external customers to be able to serve them better.

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